Protecting You from Unsafe Products

Every year thousands of people are killed or seriously injured by dangerous and defective products.  It’s up federal regulators and product manufacturers to recall all affected products.  Unfortunately, it’s usually after consumers have suffered.

The personal injury lawyers of Trevino & Loredo Injury Law represent individuals who have been injured by dangerous products, drugs, or vehicles (i.e., product liability law) as a direct result of the careless, negligent, wrongful, or reckless act of a company, person, or a municipality.

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Consumer Product Related Injury and Death Statistics in the United States

Approximately 38,573,000 medically treated consumer product-related injuries occurred in 2010, as reported by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Consumer Product Related Injuries (Top 20 Groups)

  1. Stairs, ramps, landings, floors
  2. Bed, mattresses, pillows
  3. Chairs, sofas, & sofa beds
  4. Basketball (sports or equipment)
  5. Miscellaneous personal use items
  6. Exercise & equipment
  7. Bicycles & accessories
  8. Football (sport or equipment)
  9. Bathtub & shower structures
  10. Ceilings, walls, panels (inside)
  11. Non-glass doors and panels
  12. Tables, all types
  13. Clothing, all
  14. Cutlery, knives, unpowered
  15. Cans, other containers
  16. Desks, cabinets, shelves, racks
  17. Baseball/softball
  18. Ladders, stools
  19. Soccer
  20. ATV’s, mopeds, mini-bikes

Muertes relacionadas con productos de consumo en US

Causas de las muertes del consumidor Estimar
Caídas 20,310
No especificado 3,230
Fuegos 2,790
Envenenamiento / Anoxia 2,170
Asfixia 2,100
Ahogo 1,520
Vehículos todoterreno 1,140
Bicicletas 900
Otros especificados 660
Golpeado por 480
Corriente eléctrica 130
Machinery 120
Cut/Pierce 90
Explosions 90
Hot Objects 70
Caught In 70
Child Poisoning 40
Foreign Body 20
Man-made Environment <10
Overexertion <10
Overall Total 35,900

Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Top 4 Most Recalled Categories

  1. Sporting Goods and Equipment
  2. Home Fixtures and Furnishings
  3. Personal Use Items
  4. Child Equipment & Supplies

Source: Stericycle


Product Liability Cases

Product liability injuries (i.e., defective products and product recalls) cover a broad range of cases touching all types of consumer goods.  Typical defective products include pharmaceuticals and drugs, automobiles, tires, medical devices, children’s toys, home appliances, furniture, firearms, tools, sporting goods equipment, supplies, and much more.

Product liability cases can become extremely complicated because of each unique product injury scenario.  Thus, it’s important you seek the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney if you’ve been injured due to a faulty product.  You need a lawyer who understands the intricacies of product liability law, and who is willing to take your case to trial if needed.

What are My Consumer Rights?

It’s the responsibility of product manufacturers to design and deliver safe products that work as advertised. The products you purchase should be safe for intended use. Unfortunately, many manufacturers put more emphasis on profit, rather than the safety of its products.

If you are injured while using a faulty or defective product, you have the right to file a claim against the company that manufactured or distributed the product. You can recover compensation for injuries caused by dangerous or defective products.

Compensation for Defective Products and Product Recalls

The experienced product liability attorneys at Trevino & Loredo Injury Law can help you pursue just compensation for your injuries due to faulty or defective products.

Common recall and defective product compensation:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Funeral expenses

What to Do After a Product Recall Because of a Product Defect?

If you’re a consumer of a product, drug, or vehicle that has been recalled by the manufacturer or federal regulators the first step is to stop using the product in question immediately.

If the recall affects a drug or medical device in use or prior use, it is crucial you contact your primary health care provider to seek further guidance for your unique situation.

Contact the personal injury lawyers of Trevino & Loredo Injury Law today to speak to an experienced attorney about your case.